CUISINE (Indian)

An exceptional dining experience awaits you at The Bala’s Resort. We aspire to savor your taste buds and providing unforgettable experiences with our splendid food options, impressive services, and great ambiance.


Morning Tea (or) Coffee (6 AM to 6.45 AM)

Coffee or tea

Morning Breakfast (7.30 AM to 9.30 AM):




Poori Kizhangu / Kuruma

Tea (or) Coffee

Snacks (11:00 am)

Coffee / Tea Green or Black with Biscuits

Lunch (1 PM to 2.30 PM)
Vegetarian Meals: Non-Vegetarian


Vatthal Kuzhambu



2 Vegetables



Banana or anyone Fruit


Chicken Curry: Rs. 200 per portion

Mutton / Chicken Kuzhambu

Mutton / Chicken Fry (Fish Fry if available)

Mutton Fry: Rs. 350 per portion

Fish Fry or Curry if you catch fish in our lake we cook it free of charge

Omelette (2 eggs): Rs. 40

Egg Porial (2 eggs): Rs. 50

Bread omelette: Rs 50

(Note: Chicken and mutton are sourced at higher cost in hills when compared to plain lands)


Evening (5 PM to 6 PM):

Sundal (or) Bhajji

Tea (or) Coffee


Night Dinner (7.30 PM to 9 PM)
Vegetarian Meals: Non-Vegetarian
Chappathi / Idly

Oothappam / Dosai

Vegetable Kurma

Sambar & Chutney

Chappathi / Idly

Oothapam / Dosai

Chicken Gravy

Sambar & Chutney

*Menu subject to change according to availability of raw materials

Tea / Coffee / Soft Drinks are available at no extra cost during dining hours.

Barbeque and Campfire: (7:00 pm- 9:30 pm)

Barbeque on prior order at the following extra cost (inclusive of marination and cooking):

  • Mutton — Rs. 2000 per kg
  • Chicken Broiler — Rs. 1000 per kg
  • Chicken Country — Rs. 1500 per kg
  • Chicken 65 — Rs. 250
  • Chicken Chukka — Rs. 250
  • Mutton Chukka — Rs. 350
  • Chicken Lollipop — Rs. 350

Eat at Restaurant Only. STRICTLY NO ROOM SERVICE.

Special food items / snacks / soft drinks on prior order at extra cost.