7 Things to Look for in Resorts Before Booking

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Travelling to various states and countries has become so normal nowadays thanks to affordable flights and brilliant hotel accommodations. People do not have to break their bank to have some relaxing time.

Moreover, in this modern era where everything seems to be hectic, travelling to different places has become a ritual to the people of modern society. Most travellers are very particular about their itinerary and stay accommodations. In this blog post, let us specifically see about the things to look at before booking the best resorts in Kodaikanal.

Surroundings and Location

Whether you want to relax in the resort all day or explore Kodaikanal, the location of your resort is important for a pleasant stay. Choose a resort that offers all the facilities such as great scenery, cycling, fishing, trekking, and many more. So that you can stay all day in the resort and never get bored. Also, make sure the resort is accessible if you choose to explore the hill station all day.

Hotel Rooms

Always choose top resorts in Kodaikanal that offer comfortable rooms for both individuals and families. Nothing is more horrible than returning to an unclean hotel room after a day of travel or trekking. Make sure the resort is providing the room type and services you are looking for.

Look for Reviews

We are currently living in a digital world where it is easy to find information about anything. Thus, make use of it and read reviews of the resorts from trusted websites. You can also always ask a friend or a family member if they ever stayed there. This way, it is easy to find good resorts that cater to your needs.

Complimentary Food

We all know how expensive good restaurant foods are. Most resorts offer complimentary breakfast or all three meals while booking rooms. It is the best deal anyone could ask for! Hence, if you see a good resort with excellent facilities that also offer complimentary meals, then you have hit a jackpot. It is easily the best place to stay in Kodaikanal.

Type of Resort

It is significant to check what type of resorts you are choosing, especially travelling with family. Always, see whether the resorts can accommodate kids, babies, or toddlers. It is indeed difficult to find baby/kid-friendly foods in regular places. Hence, make sure to choose the best resort in Kodaikanal for family that caters to your requirements.


Travelling and staying at resorts should be an enjoyable experience no matter your budget. Always compare and make sure your resort is providing everything for the price you are paying for. There are plenty of budget-friendly and luxury resorts that you can select.

Safety and Hygiene

Security and hygiene are vital aspects when choosing resorts in Kodaikanal. It is already scary to stay at unknown places, and it is the responsibility of the hotel management to make their guests comfortable by providing them with utmost privacy and hygiene.

These are some of the things that you should look into when booking resorts. If you are looking for the best resorts in Kodaikanal, then check out The Balas Resort for excellent rooms, complimentary meals, and affordable stay.


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